2005: Master’s Degree in Painting, College of Fine Arts at Basra University, Basra, Iraq
2000: Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, College of Fine Arts at Basra University, Basra, Iraq

Professional Experience

2003-2008: Editor of Arts Section at Manara Magazine, Iraq 
2005-2010: Lecturer at The College of Fine Arts at Basra University, Basra, Iraq
2006: Painter at Dubai Cultural Magazine, U.A.E.

Solo Exhibitions

2011: “Household Tunes” at Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery, Amman, Jordan
2013: “Dialogue Degree Zero I” at Art Sawa, Dubai, U.A.E.
2013: “Daily Life” at Orfali Gallery, Amman, Jordan
2014: “Dialogue Degree Zero II” at Art Sawa, Dubai, U.A.E.

Group Exhibitions

2016: Nabad Gallery, Amman, Jordan
2016: “Secret Cards” at Art Dubai (art fair) via Royal College of Art, Dubai, U.A.E.
2015: Beirut Art Fair, Beirut, Lebanon
2014: ART14 LONDON (art fair) at Olympia, London, U.K.
2013: Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
2012: Contemporary Iraqi Art at The Sultan Bin Ali Owais  Establishment, Dubai, U.A.E.

Awards & Achievements 

2015 & 2016: Recipient of the Rescue Fund Scholarship, Awarded by The Institute of International Education, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
2008: Winner of Annual Contest of Ishtar for Young Artists Awarded by The Iraqi Plastic Arts Association, Baghdad, Iraq
2011: State Incentive Award, Awarded by The Ministry of Culture, Baghdad, Iraq


2016: “The Side of The Photo: A Question of Originality in Arab Contemporary Art”, Arab Publishers’ Association, Amman, Jordan
2012: “The Effectiveness of the Aesthetic Discourse: Applications in Iraqi Plastic Arts”, Dar Al Adeeb, Amman, Jordan


Saddam Jumaily was born in Basra, Iraq in 1974. Although best known as a painter, Jumaily is also an accomplished designer and a published author. Jumaily currently lives & works in Amman, Jordan.

Regardless of the form of his art, Jumaily’s works are characterized by their depth and philosophical nature. Memory and nostalgia are recurring themes in his paintings, as they are frequent plots that he explores in his writings. His inclination towards nostalgia can be attributed to a sense of belonging that he has often craved through his moving from country to country.

Symbols are devices that his paintings employ in most instances. To Jumaily, painting is an opportunity to emote. The art which he offers is a depiction of the ongoing chaos that the peoples of this region have experiences in the last two decades.  


Bio data provided by artist and edited by Abdulah Al-Ghoul at Dar Al-Anda