Eman Haram in an interdisciplinary artist with an almost countless list of memberships, achievements and exhibitions. The diversity of her life experience is made evident in the versatility of her media and subject matters. Eman sums up her mission in these words: “I am interested in disrupting the mythical paradigms that frame the world in polarizing, moralistic dichotomies: mind/body, reason/intuition, written/oral, civilized/primitive - reducing very complex and interconnected realms to mutually exclusive worlds.  I am often trying to investigate the porosity and mutability of things when displaced from one context to another, where the references that gave them their original meaning are replaced with a new set of  references that infuse the object or cultural behavior in question with entirely new signification.”

Eman was born in Damascus, Syria and is of Palestinian descent. She spent close to 20 years in Beirut, Lebanon before relocating to the United States, where she pursued two degrees. She hold a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the New York Institute of Technology, New York, NY as well as a Masters Degree in Art History from The University of South Florida, Tampa, FL. Eman relocated yet again in 2001 to Canada. She currently spends her time between Montreal, Quebec and Amman, Jordan. Eman’s work has been exhibited in numerous cities in North America, as well as Amman and Aleppo in the Middle East. Her work is featured in private collections in Canada, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Jordan, and the U.A.E.