Press Release

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Press Release

Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery
Dar Al-Anda at Contemporary Istanbul 2015
Istanbul Kongre Merkezi (Istanbul  Congress Center),  Rumeli Hall, Booth A2-302
Vernissage: Nov-11 at 19:00, Open to Public:  Nov-12 at 11:00 to Nov-15 at 19:00
Contact: Abdulah Al-Ghoul
+962 7 97 73 33 51 | +90 505 32 34 239 |  

(Istanbul - Nov 11, 2015) Dar Al-Anda is participating for the first time in Contemporary Istanbul. The artists that we have selected to represent Dar Al-Anda reflect the universal and diverse nature of the contemporary art world. Although a Middle Eastern gallery by physical location, we believe that art is a universal language and reflect that in our selection which comes from all four corners of the Earth. 

For CI 15, we wanted to capture the diversity that our gallery’s portfolio encompasses, so we have chosen artists that originate from Italy (Claudia Scarsella), Syria (Bahram Hajou & Eman Haram), Iraq (Shaiban Ahmed, Qahtan Alameen & Baqer Al-Shaikh), Sudan (Abdulqader Bakhit), Jordan (Ghadeer Saeed) and Japan (Norio Takaoka). Not only that, but some of these artists have resided in places like Germany (Bahram), the United Kingdom (Claudia Scarsella) and Canada (Eman & Qahtan), which further add to the cross-cultural influence in their art.   

Because we believe that art is a universal language that transcends words and sentences, our selection of artists had to reflect that belief. In a world where borders are clearly drawn by walls, customs, and passports, art is a powerful instrument through which these barriers are broken. Regardless of where our artwork comes from, we hope that curators, collectors, and art aficionados will find something to relate to in the messages that these pieces convey, regardless of where they come from.

Contemporary Istanbul represents an opportunity for Dar Al-Anda to deliver on its mission to the world. Turkey’s long-rooted interest and influence in the art world is undeniable. We see great potential as evidenced by the vast number of world-class museums and private galleries that are present all over the city. More importantly, Turkey’s diverse nature as the melting pot of Eastern and Western cultures, presents an opportunity for a profound appreciation for all forms of fine art.  

About Dar Al-Anda
Founded in 1998, Dar Al-Anda has become one of Jordan’s most prominent contemporary art galleries. The gallery’s name translates into “home of the giving“ and therefore exemplifies what we stand for. We aim to enrich the lives of our patrons, employees and community by giving them the opportunity to experience art in all of its forms, thereby provoking thought and discourse. More information is available at

About The Artists
Abdulqader Bakhit
With a background in caricature and painting, Abdulqader’s style is greatly influenced by childhood. The purity in his work is constant regardless of the medium. Primary colors dominate his work and convey a warmth that transcends and transports one to a simpler time.
Abdulqader was born in Majdoob, Sudan in 1966. He holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Sudan. Abdulqader was the recipient of a UNESCO Award, as well as the Al-Khurafee Biennial Award from Kuwait. He spends his time between Jordan and Sudan. When in Jordan, he serves as Dar Al-Anda’s Art Director.

Bahram Hajjo
Bahram is obsessed by a vision of the human being’s solitude. This vision is conveyed in a continuous set of symbols: the face, the body, the empty room, the inaccessible towers, the dilapidated homes, and the landscape as forces of nature. His paintings weave tales of beauty and love, fear and solitude, forgiveness and understanding, anxiety and furtiveness, freedom and dependence.

Bahram was Born in 1952 in Syria. He completed his art studies at the Kunstakademie in Münster, Germany, where he continues to live and work. He holds the honor of having exhibited at the Salon d’Automne in Paris. 

Baqer Al-Shaikh
Baqer’s paintings mostly exist in the realm of nudes. A mystique which is heightened by an ubiquitous somberness is constant across his work. Very seldom is a face seen and figures almost blend into their backgrounds, blurring the lines between the corporal and spiritual states of darkness.         

Baqer is from Baghdad, Iraq. He graduated from the Fine Arts Institute of Baghdad and is a member of  the Iraqi and Global Artist Associations. Baker is the recipient of several awards, including the Al-Wasti Festival of  Baghdad Award, and the 2008 Ashtar Festival Award of the Iraqi Artists Association.

Claudia Scarsella
Claudia’s layered collages convey emotions that she gently weaves. Her work is composed of a distinct fusion of illustrations, textures, hand-drawings, and her own photographs. She conceives each work as a repeatable pattern, making it universally applicable on wallpaper, ceramics, and textiles.

Claudia was born in Viterbo, Italy. She graduated in Fashion Design from Central Saint Martin’s College in London, and in Architecture from the Politecnico di Milano. Her work has been exhibited in London, Milan, Barcelona, Berlin, Lugano and Beirut. She is the recipient of numerous awards and accolades.

Eman Haram
Eman is an interdisciplinary artists with  a slew of achievements. Her diverse life experience is reflected in her content and media. Eman disrupts the mythical paradigms that frame the world in polarizing, moralistic dichotomies.

Eman was born in Damascus, Syria and is of Palestinian descent. She has lived in Lebanon, the U.S., and  most recently, Canada. She hold a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the New York Institute of Technology and a Masters Degree in Art History from The University of South Florida. Her work has been exhibited in numerous cities in North America and the Middle East.

Ghadeer Saeed
Ghadeer’s creations are complex in execution and spirit. Her work is  emotionally, politically, and spiritually charged. She explores topics such as love, war, and chaos with a residing nostalgic feel. The seamless blend of monochromatic backgrounds with the sparse yet vivid bursts of color is her signature style.

Ghadeer was born in Libya and is of Jordanian origin. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and has had a illustrious career as an architect. Her love of photography, combined with a passion for visual arts led her to begin creating artwork first as a hobby, and then professionally.

Norio Takaoka
Norio Takaoka transforms stone into objects that feel otherworldly yet familiar. Spanning across a maltitude of sizes and scopes, his renderings of natural objects bring a warm and lively feel to a medium that is otherwise cold and listless. 

Norio was born in Tokyo, Japan. He studied art at the Kanazawa University of Art and Ploytechnics. He held a post in Italy as Overseas Research Artist for the Agency of Cultural Affairs. He was the recipient of the Nakahara Teijirou Memorial Superior Prize in 1994. Norio has held solo exhibitions in Japan, Mexico, and Italy in addition to several group exhibitions.

Qahtan Alameen
Qahtan’s universe is one where the past and the present collude. His graphic renderings are are eloquent visual statements on the contemporary world. Traditional Middle Eastern symbols are intercepted by provocative flashes of the present for a haunting and thespian effect.

Qahtan Alameen was born in Baghdad, Iraq. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Baghdad. He relocated to Canada in 2002 where he continued his studies in the art realm through photography classes at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and a Diploma in Art and Graphic Design from Compu College.

Shaiban Ahmed
Shaiban Ahmed has a flair for telling intricate and vibrant stories in his primarily expressionist and cubist images. Sparse use of color dominates his more recent work. Shaiban exercises meticulous care in drawing lines that tell tales of paradise lost.

Shaiban was born in Baghdad, Iraq. He attended the Baghdad Institute of Fine Arts where he obtained a Diploma in Fine Arts. He was the recipient of a 1987 UNESCO Award, as well as an Appreciation Award by the Center of Art in Baghdad in 1995. He executed a public fountain that was commissioned by the Municipality of Baghdad.

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