Mectoub: critique by Marianne Roux at On Orient (EN)

Sunday, April 3, 2016

On Orient  / 13 Octobre 2015 / Marianne Roux

“Mectoub is fascinating because of this unveiling, made possible because the photographer is both female and a foreigner. It plunges us deep into our representations and overturns them. Scarlett Coten holds up these copies for us to see, Homo Orientalis specimens of the new generation, in an unfiltered way, just as they are. The images bring to mind the Egyptian choreographer Hazem Header and his piece “Inside Out” dealing with our roles in society and the balance of power, and in which he dances in red stiletto heels. Perched on his red high-heels, his head high in the air, he proclaims to us that man’s freedom will come from that of women. Hazem and all the others are part of these young people that were lauded by the Western media in 2011 because they stood up for their right to exist. Nowadays, nobody is interested in them. They are, however, still there. Mectoub puts them back on centre-stage with photographs that unsettle us because they show a reality that so many prefer not to see: that of the arab male and all its multiple identities. One of complexity and, in particular, modernity."