Istanbul Art News: Gallery Profile

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Translated from attached Turkish text:



“We are reflecting the universal language of art in our selection.”


Dar Alanda from Jordan is a new participant to the Contemporary Istanbul art fair. Marketing and Sale Manager of Dar Alanda Gallery Abdulah Al-Ghoul says that “As Istanbul, being a city of a blend of Eastern and Western civilizations, Contemporary Istanbul also represents these two world successfully. This is a big advantage for those galleries who think the art as an international language like us.”  

Al-Ghoul stated that they have been interested in CI since the beginning and they have considered certain criteria when they made their selection of art. “We are a Middle Eastern gallery as we are located in the Middle East, but we think that art is a universal language and our selection of art from all over the world reflects this (thought). We wanted to emphasize our variety of art in this fair. Therefore we included artists from Italy (Cladia Scarsella), Syria (Bahram Hajou & Eman Haram), Iraq (Shaiban Ahmed, Qahtan Alameen, & Baqer AlShaikh), Sudan (Abdulqader Bakhit), Jordan (Ghadeer Saeed), and Japan (Norio Takaoka). This variety is not only representative of the origins of the artists but also of the different countries that they have lived in for a long time, like Germany (Bahram) and Canada (Eman and Qahtan) which effects their intercultural art works.”

In their stand, Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery features such key art pieces as those by Ghadeer Saeed for 6 thousand Dollars; “Dance Waves” by Qahtan Alameen for 8 thousand Dollars; “Going Away” by Shaiban Ahmed for 7 thousand Dollars, and “Holy Gift” by Norio Takaoka for 1,200 Dollars.

While he points out that they are the only Art Gallery exhibiting in the fair from any of the Arab countries, Al-Ghoul says that the high profile of CI is promising. “Participating in the 10th aniversary of the fair is more than exciting for us. Hopefully, art collectors can find something that fits their tastes among our selection of art. The influence of Turkey on this era of art cannot be denied. My family has strong ties with Turkey. I visit Turkey very often. I am subjective in this sense. Istanbul certainly has a big potential with its world class prestigeus museums and art galleries. We notice that all art forms are being represented in Turkey thanks to its diversity of cultures.”