The INKOGRAPHY Manifesto by Saddam Jumaily (English)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

INKOGRAPHY: Mapping Emotional Instability

I have chosen INKOGRAPHY to be the title of my second solo exhibition at Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery. For this exhibition, I have combined many artistic methods, which include realistic painting, photography, ink drawing and collage. The aim behind this eclectic mélange of methods is to deliver the true essence of what INKOGRAPHY represents.

The name INKOGRAPHY is derived from the words “infographic” and “ink”. When conceptualizing this collection, I was heavily inspired by the visual media used in infographics while adding my personal vision to it. As I progressed in my efforts, I went on to mixing visual icons, photographs, shapes and lines to emphasize my message.

INKOGRAPHY was conceived through an experiment where I combined direct archival photographs with an expressionist style of painting. My aim was to bridge two contradictory worlds. The first is a world borne of illusion and nostalgia that haunts us consciously and subconsciously through its peace, honesty, and intimacy. The other world is that of the present, one that is ridden with harshness and instability. 

My aim through INKOGRAPHY is not to report factual information as an infographic would. Rather, INKOGRAPHY aims to present a set of conflicting emotions that are evoked by acts of creation: drawing, painting, photographing, assembling collages and so forth. These emotions are in constant flux, sometimes manifesting as a child-like peacefulness, and other times with the tension of animality and adulthood. These emotions are weaved together not only to strengthen the aesthetic of the artworks that depict them, but also to amplify the impact of their contradictions. For they represent two extremes on several scales: that of a state of mind, that of technique, and that of era.

Through these deliberate acts of contradiction, I hope to portray my view on contemporary human beings’ emotional states in a unique and unprecedented way. In doing so, I map out, much like an infographic does, the general components and dynamics of a concept: the human psyche. As such, I have mapped human emotion in all of its depth as it struggles in the face of of the rift between its current reality, its memories, and its hopes and dreams. For the ultimate purpose of an exercise in art is to achieve an experience that shines by its courage to exhibit diversity, adversity and uniqueness.


Saddam Jumaily

Amman, 2017


Translated from Arabic by Abdulah Al-Ghoul at Dar Al-Anda