Nestled at the cusp of ancient and contemporary history is a sanctuary of the senses that is Dar Al-Anda. The name is an authentically Arabic one. It best translates into “home of the giving“ and therefore exemplifies what we stand for. We aim to enrich the lives of our patrons, employees and community by giving them the opportunity to experience art in all of its forms, thereby provoking thought and dialogue.

Founded in 1998, Dar Al-Anda rapidly made a name for itself as a haven of fine arts emanating from the region. It has since then continued to build upon that legacy while staying true to its raison d’être. While still a gallery at heart, Dar Al-Anda also promotes and exhibits art in the auditory, visual and sensory forms. A series of musical concerts, literary events and cultural activities has fostered a devoted and growing group of advocates for the impact that Dar Al-Anda hopes to achieve within the art community.    

The most striking element of the Dar Al-Anda experience is undoubtably the venue itself. The gallery occupies a complex of heritage villas in modern Amman’s most significant historic neighborhood, Jabal Al-Luweibdeh. The neighborhood’s narrow roads and countless hidden stairways that encase its villas are signature aspects of the budding Amman of the 1920’s. Following a period of decline and neglect in the later decades of the 20th century, Jabal Al-Luweibdeh has recently experienced a revival as a contemporary hub of arts and culture for both Jordan and the region. 

The sweeping views that one experiences from Dar Al-Anda’s terraces are just as surreal as they are natural. The panorama evokes memories of numerous civilizations that have walked through Old Amman’s hills. These range from the ancient Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad civilizations that are represented by the Amman Citadel to the birthplace of modern-day Jordan in Jabal Amman and Jabal Al-Luweibdeh itself. 

The 1939 villa in which the gallery today exists is characteristic of its period and heritage. The Arabesque tiles that adorn the halls of the villa were restored with the utmost care upon the relocation of Dar Al-Anda to this home in 2000. The guidance of the House of Architectural Studies, as led the architect Bassem Al-Shehabi, contributed to the just reinvigoration of the villas into a complex fit for fine art in all of its forms. 

At Dar Al-Anda, we operate with one core premise: art should be accessible by everyone. Our doors are open to all of those who appreciate fine art. Our collection is versatile in its prices so that quality art pieces may be afforded by anyone. Our involvement in our local community is evidenced through our engaging artists, craftspeople and influencers from our hometown. All this culminates in our aim to spread art and the beauty that it brings into people's lives across the country and the global art community. 

We at Dar Al-Anda embrace Jordan’s growing ethnic diversity. This appreciation is reflected in our selection of artists that not only hail from Jordan, but also from Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere from the Mediterranean and all four corners of the Earth. Additionally, we maintains strong tie with cultural centers and NGOs such as the Institut Français and the UNESCO as means of encouraging a global exchange of arts and culture.

Majdoline Al-Ghezawi Al-Ghoul
Founder & Owner  

Majdoline’s inclination towards art started at a young age. She found herself fascinated by the stained glass windows in her school and began designing and selling handicrafts, and eventually artwork in her late teens. She has since amassed an extensive collection of paintings and sculptures and a global network of artists and collectors. Having founded Dar Al-Anda in 1998, Majdoline plays an active role in overseeing in daily operations and long-term direction. 

“The idea started as my dream. I was greatly supported by my husband and my biggest fan, Saleh Al-Ghoul and my kids Abdulah, Zeina, Ghalia and Loulwa. Other supporters of the project were my dearest friends Lisa Kelly, Hind Zahr, Mina Tarabi, Khalid Wahal, Samar Dudien, Nelly Lama, and Ali Zayni. Thank you all for believing in me. Credit also goes, of course, to the architects and artists who were very enthusiastic about the project, most notably engineer Basim Al-Shahabi of Omrania.”


Abdulah Al-Ghoul
Managing Director

Abdulah grew up with a fond appreciation of art (photography, pop art, typography, graphic and expressionist art in particular). Following a decade of management experience across operations, finance and project management with luxury hotel brands such as Fairmont, Raffles and Rosewood, Abdulah obtained an MBA from the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In his capacity at Dar Al-Anda, he plans and executes the gallery’s marketing efforts, including content development and curation, photography, and distribution. Additionally, he liasies with auction houses and media. You can connect with Abdulah at