French photographer explores underground life of Yemeni hammams

As conflict-ridden Yemen is often portrayed as a wrecked country defined by trauma and disaster, a photo exhibition by French photographer Agnes Montanari seeks to shed light on the hidden beauty of the country.

“Yemen has always been portrayed as a dangerous country, the cradle of terrorism, and a country where women are powerless victims,” the photographer said, adding “I personally never thought of Yemen in a negative way. If you ask me to describe it, I would say: delicate, sophisticated, stunning.”

In “Sana’a Underground: Hammams of Yemen”, the National Geographic featured photographer depicts a “rare and candid view into a world that no longer exists in many parts of the world, but is alive and well in Yemen’s capital”, Dar Al Anda’s Art Gallery Managing Director Abdulah Al Ghoul told The Jordan Times.

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