IMAGINALS by STEPHANE HERBERT (Amman Image Festival #6)

Apr 04, 2017 to Apr 22, 2017



Photographer's Statement

IMAGINALS is a compilation of some photographs drawn from journeys to the East and the West.

From the towering Pamir mountains in Tajikistan to the shores of lake Atitlan in Guatemala, from patterned weavings of the Mayas to abstract mosaics of the Islamic East, from the mystic devotees of Herat to the visionary architects of Brasília - My aim is to photograph lands and their peoples, societies and their traditions. Through long-term exploration, I try to convey images of the current world’s cultural diversity.

It inspires me capturing in colour the outward images and underlying evolutions of different civilizations. I hope this exhibition may reflect some aspects of their realities that are manifest in wide horizons, contrasting faces, struggles and joys, as tributes to life. Between reflection and sensation, these imaginals seek out a spiritual emotion in the movement.

Beyond their respective differences (races, cultures, religions, nationalities...), many people are living their cultural heritage while considering themselves “citizens of the world”. The 6th edition of the Image Festival in Amman is an occasion for a dialogue about the expression of different traditions and identities

Stéphane Herbert


The French Institute in Amman is the main sponsor of the IMAGINALS exhibition at the Dar Al-Anda Gallery. The serie IMAGINALS has joined in 2014 the collections of the Istanbul Photography Museum.
Sale of Fine Art prints will goes to a future editorial project about Palestinian memories.


Photographer for more than twenty-five years, Stéphane Herbert has worked for magazines (Géo, Grands Reportages...) and book publishers (Éditions du Patrimoine, Solar...). His favourite subjects treat themes linked to contemporary civilizations. Author of the books "MONGUEN de cordillera a mar", portraits of Mapuche elders of Chile (Globe Vision, 2012) and "villes rêvées, villes habitées / URBAN UTOPIAS / La Grande Motte - Brasília - Chandigarh" (Somogy éditions d'Art, 2015). He has exhibited in France (UNESCO, Galerie Blanche...), Brazil (Museu Nacional, Espaço Cultural 508 Sul...), India and Japan (Alliance française). In 2014, his serie "IMAGINALS" joined the collections of the Istanbul Photography Museum. 

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