Nouri al-Rawi

Born 1925, Rawa, Iraq

Nouri al-Rawi studied at the Teachers College, Baghdad, graduating in 1941. In 1959, he received a BA in fine arts from Baghdad's Institute of Fine Arts. He was then awarded two scholarships to study abroad, first in Yugoslavia, where he studied art in 1962, and second, in Portugal, to study art management in 1966. When he returned to Iraq, he produced and wrote a regularly scheduled television programme, The Art Programme, which aired during the 1970s. As well as being an artist, al-Rawi is an art critic and art historian, and has authored numerous essays on art for both Arab and international journals. He has also written books including Meditations on Contemporary Iraqi Art (1962), The Path to Iraqi Folklore (1962), Jewad Selim (1963), and Contemporary German Art (1965). He was chair of the Society of Iraqi Plastic Artists in 1980, a founding member of the Union of Iraqi Artists, a fellow of the Pioneers Group and a member of the Al-Rawad Group (he took part in all the group’s exhibitions). He was also secretary of the National Committee League of Art Critics, Iraq. Al-Rawi chaired the fine art department at the Institute of Fine Arts and was a curator at the Museum of Modern Art in Baghdad. His work reflects his interest in everyday, Iraqi village life as well as childhood memory.