Nizar Sabour was born in Lattakia, Syria 1958.
Graduate from Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting and Drawing, Damascus, Syria 1981. Doctorate of Philosophy in Sciences of Art, Moscow, Russia 1990. Teaching Commission Member in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University. Professor at the International Private University for Science & Technology, Ghabagheb, Syria.

Solo Exhibitions in Syria: 
1976 - Fine Arts Center, Lattakia 
1982 - Cultural Center, Lattakia 
1991 - AlSayed Art Gallery, Damascus. Imar Gallery, Lattakia 
1992 - Bilad al-Sham Gallery, Aleppo 
1993 - Damascus Gallery, Damascus 
1994 - Ashtar Gallery, Damascus 
1995 - Atassi Gallery, Damascus 
1997 - AlSayed Art Gallery, Damascus. Imar Gallery, Lattakia. Al Khanji Gallery, Aleppo 
1998 - Exhibition (Fallen Body Reproched by Soul) Kuzah Gallery and Atassi Gallery
1999 - Bilad al-Sham Gallery, Aleppo
2000 - Exhibition (Soul Gates) Atassi Gallery, Damascus 
2001 - Exhibition (About Love) Imar Gallery, Lattakia 
2002 - Exhibition (Life in Ashes) Atassi Gallery, Damascus 
2003 - Exhibition (About Damascus) Fateh Muddaress Gallery, Damascus 
2005 - Exhibition (Antara our Time) Art House Gallery, Khan Assaad Pasha, Damascus. Exhibition (Life in Ashes) Bilad al-Sham, Aleppo 
2007 - Exhibition (Happiness as Possible) Art House, Damascus. Exhibition (Antara our Time) Kalimat Gallery, Aleppo 
2008 - Exhibition (Happiness as Possible) Museum of Modern Art, Lattakia. Retrospective Exhibition from 1973 to 2008, Discover Virtual Syria Gallery 
2009 - Exhibition (Palmyra's Walls) Tajalliyat Art Gallery, Damascus