Muhanna Durra (Arabic: مهنا الدرة) is a Jordanian painter widely regarded as a pioneer for being the first to introduce Cubism and abstract art into the Jordanian visual arts. He is a professor at the Faculty of Fine Art and Design at Jordan University and serves as the President of the Association of Fine Arts.


Born in Amman, Jordan in 1938 to a Lebanese father and a Turkish mother, he was raised in a striking red hilltop villa in downtown Amman. The house is only a few blocks away from Amman's popular tourist attraction the Roman amphitheater and is commonly believed to rest atop an ancient Roman cemetery.


Durra held numerous solo exhibitions in Rome, Florence, the USSR, various Arab and European capitals, Washington D.C., Plazzo Venezia, the 1988 Venice Biennale Exhibition, and the Fine Arts National Museum of Valetta, Malta. More recently he held solo exhibitions in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts and the Austrian Parliament Central Hall in Vienna.

Durra's work is represented in various national and international collections, including that of the Vatican, the Imperial Court of Japan, the President of the Philippines, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau of Canada, David Rockefeller, The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Fannie Mae Bank in Washington, D.C., Bonn City Hall, Washington, D.C. City Hall, the University of San Francisco, Georgetown University, as well as several Jordanian institutes.