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She were born in Beirut. Studied Art at the Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA)
In 1964  she has got 3 Golden Medals for his tapestries for the presidential Palace in Beirut, in 1965 - Gold Medal Sursock Museum, Lebanon, in 1971 - Gold Medal, Rome, Italy and in 1989 - Prize of the European Excellency, Paris, France. 

Private Collection:
- Queen Elizabeth the 2nd of England
- King Fahad Bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia
- King Faysal Bin AbdulAziz of Saudi Arabia
- King Hussein Bin Talal of Jordan.
- Prince Rainier of Monaco
- Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
- Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah, Kuwait
- Sheikha Hossa Saad Al-Sabah, Kuwait
- Anthony Quinn
- Georges Pepard
- Liza Minelli
- Kirk Douglas

Hrair's dominant theme is the horse, symbol of male virility, strength and mastery - the semi-mythical stallion and the centaur sprung from the legends of Phoenicia and the ancients Orient. These are high-spirited and lively steeds moving at a frisky trot, bucking and kicking in a whirling gallop, alert even at rest. Often the horse is accompanied by a "flower-woman" whose curling tresses intermingle with the flowing spirals of his mane - an unreal doll-figure spellbound in willing passivity as if engendered from the flanks of the horse-male in an echo that recalls the creation of Eve.

Hrair is also a painter of Icons - The Annunciation, The Last Supper, The Crucifixion - influenced by Byzantine art but transposing into his own almost fanciful idiom with an abundance of life and color.

Yet whatever his theme, it is the rich wealth of ornament that dominates his work - arabesques, an intertwining tracery of festooned garlands, leafy foliage, and crisscross scroll-work that recall the moucharabiehs or enamel work. This richness is emphasized by the choice of colors bursting forth with violent life - oranges, greens, reds, and gold that fill the canvas with stirring exhilaration.