Hakeem Al-Akel, born in April 11, 1965 Taiz, Yemen.


Academic Qualifications: 

1976: Apprenticeship in the studio of the artist Hashim Ali

1987-1994: Master of Arts, Moscow State Academy, Cum Laude with first class honours specialising in frescoes, history of arts and concepts of arts

1997: Cultural seminar in metal engraving and graphics, Sanaa

1997: Cultural seminar in stone sculpting, Sanaa


• Published several critical studies in local and Arab newspapers and magazines

• Designed many posters and books and supervised their printing for government and non-government organizations

• Participated in several symposia, panel discussions and workshops

• Organized various group exhibitions

• Design and executed many frescoes in Moscow and Sanaa

• Awarded many certificates of appreciation and shields locally and internationally

• Designed and implemented many interior decoration projects for government and private institutions

• Proficient in the computer application “Adobe Photoshop”

• Feasibility studies done for various cultural projects