Ghassan Ghaib was born in 1964 in Baghdad, Iraq. In 1986 he obtained his Diploma from The Fine Arts Institute of Baghdad. In 1997, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from The Academy of Fine Arts of Baghdad.

Ghaib is the recipient of several awards including The 6th Al Wasiti Award (1987),  the 3rd Award at The Contemporary Iraqi Art Festival, Baghdad (1996) and The Creativity Award, Baghdad (2000). 

 His works have been featured at several group exhibitions in Baghdad, Amman, Beirut, Paris, Bahrain, London, and Dubai.

To date, Ghassan has held the following solo exhibitions: 

  • Orfali Gallery, Amman, Jordan (2001)
  • Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery, Amman, Jordan (2005)
  • Karim Gallery, Amman, Jordan (2010)


Some of his works have been acquired as part of the following institutions' collections: 

  • The Center For Fine Arts, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Jordanian National Museum, Amman, Jordan
  • Arab Art Museum, Doha, Qatar
  • The British Museum, London, U.K.  


Bio information obtained from and edited by Abdulah Al-Ghoul, Dar Al-Anda.