Ayad Al-Qaraghulli was born in Iraq 1968. Got Diploma of fine arts – Baghdad- Istit and bachelor of fine arts – Baghdad- Univ. He is a member of Iraqi artist Union and Iraqi Plastic artist Asso.

Personal and Group Participations in Baghdad, Beirut, Royal Cultural Center- Amman, Iraq.

His work are Exhibited at Mezan- Baghdad, Ena’a, Alwan, Akked and Ather, Galleries- Amman and Bahreen, UAE, Oman, Tunis, Saudi, Eygept, Yaman and Qater

International participations, US. San Diego, Jakarta, china, Pakistan, India, turkey, Italy and France.

His work collected at: Iraq museum for modern art – Baghdad, French cultural center – Baghdad, French cultural center – Amman, UNESCO. Org. – Amman and U. S, UK, France, Denmark, Germany, Dutch, China, India, Greece, Caibros, Austria, Indonesia, Pakistan, Australia, Finland, Kenya, Canada, Italy, Japan, Malisya, also almost Arab countries.

Obtained Many Estimations Rewards.