Iraqi artist Amjad Altayyar was born in Baghdad in 1973. He graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of The University of Baghdad in 1996. He obtained a Master's degree from The Arabic Academy in Denmark in 2012.

Altayyar worked extensively on developing his artistic skills and his own painting style and techniques from 1996 to 2003. Dedicated and thorough, Altayyar researched the art theories and techniques of the European Masters as well those of as his own country’s rich Mesopotamian heritage and Islamic art. Altayyar did not restrict himself to imagery only but exercised graphic design, Arabic calligraphy and illustrative decorations, sculpturing, and photography, all with a great deal of thought.

After the Iraq war of 2003, Altayyar actively participated in and initiated various artistic and cultural projects. Thus began his transition from being solely a practitioner to an active and practical artist who could effectively promote art in different forms and settings.

In 2004, Amjad became the Arts and Culture Supervisor of The College of Dentistry at The University of Baghdad, a post which he held until 2007. His involvement started a notable art movement in the College of Dentistry after its Arts Studio had been deserted in the late 1980s. Dental students under his supervision participated in and organized a wide range of events that attracted national media coverage. The college hosted a photography exhibition, the first in all Iraqi campuses after 2003. The college also organized several painting exhibitions, poetry festivals, live music performances and even rehearsals for a play written by a group of dental students about college life in Iraq.

From 2006 to 2007, Altayyar was an Arts Advisor for the Iraq Memory Foundation in Baghdad. Altayyar organized and curated several Iraqi art exhibitions at the foundation as part of its Arts and Artifacts Project. These exhibitions provided important insights into genuine Iraqi art that is richly expressive of the country’s culture, traditions, and current challenges.

In late 2007, Altayyar moved to Sweden where he still resides. His first exhibition in Sweden was at The Culture House of the City of Nässjö in September 2008.


Bio data obtained from, edited by Abdulah Al-Ghoul at Dar Al-Anda