Yousef-Abdalki—145×30-c.m… 13000 $ Charcoal on paper
Yousef-Abdalki—145×30-c.m…13000 $ Charcoal on paper
YA—6—190x65c.m.— 40000 $ Charcoal on paper

Youssef Abdelke

Born 1951, Qamishli, Syria

Studied fine art at Damascus University, graduating with a BFA in 1976. He pursued his studies further in Paris at the ÉcoleNationaleSupérieure des Beaux-Arts, where he received his diploma in etching in 1986. He stayed on in the French capital to pursue a doctorate in fine art, which he received from the Université Paris VIII in 1989. Abdelke has held numerous solo exhibitions since the 1970s, some of which include shows at Al-Houriya Hall, Damascus, 1973; Al-Shaab Gallery, Damascus, 1974 and 1978; L’Atelier Gallery, Cairo, 1988; Al-Alif Gallery, Tunis, 1989; Al-Balqa’ Gallery, Amman, 1993; Atassi Gallery, Damascus, 1995, 1998, 2005; Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo, 1999, and 2002; Hall of Faculty of Law, Sfax, 2000;  Prebendale Gallery, Saint Paul, 2003; Henki Hall, Helsinki, 2006; Ayyam Gallery, Damascus, 2007; Dar Al-Anda Gallery, Amman, 2009; Claude Lemand Gallery, Paris, 2010; and Al-Shaab Gallery, Homs, 2010. He has participated in over forty group exhibitions (including biennales) worldwide including, more recently, Exchanging Views, Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, and National Museum of Damascus, 2009; Artists From Today’s Syria, Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo, 2012; and Art Syria, Meem Gallery, Dubai, 2013.

Abdelke is well known for his hyper-realistic works on paper depicting sometimes strange and macabre still-life subjects: skulls, cages and body parts. His recent works reflect the violence and injustice experienced by the Syrian people and the artist who was arrested for his political views and activism by the Bashar al-Assad regime on 19 July 2013 and released one month later.


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