SYFZ 03 100×66-c.m. 840jd
SYFZ 02 77×58-c.m. 700jd

Syed Faraz

Syed Faraz Ali is a Pakistani artist based in Sydney Australia. Currently completing his Masters in Fine Arts from National Art School. Born on 7th October 1981. He graduated from Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, Karachi, in 2005. Artist Statement: My work stems from the ambition to create within the oft-proclaimed gap between life an art. Interested in world politics and social dynamics, my concepts evolve from our society at large. In particular, I critique systems that militate against values of resilience, truth, and beauty. My work interrogates the prevalent, all-consuming trend of commercialism in Pakistan, as well as the passionate intensity of obscurantism that is smearing the face of reason and our human ability to question. I suggest that the work produced on sensitized “canvas” offers the same receptivity as “headlines in the newspaper.” This, I offer, through the language of political pop art in our contemporary era.