SM 11 120X100c.m. 1800jd
1 67x31cm 1,000jod
4 100x50cm 2,000
7 180x50cm 4,500jod
90×60 c.m. 1800jd

Salim Mathkour

Born in southern Iraq, Al-Emarah city, known as “the Iraqi village”
Salim settled initially in Jordan and exhibited his works in its galleries such as Orfalli, Allia, Hammorabi …ets. He also taught painting there. He managed to publicize his works and his name as one of the distinguished new painters. In 1999 he left to Qatar and started a new Iraqi art adventure there. Salim has pure and dreamy sensation. He keeps searching for originality in texture and general looking of his paintings, which give his paintings a personal touch and unique style. Salim made his own distinguished way in the painting art by his pure feeling, original skill and faith of a real painter.

Salim magnificently used his sensitive soul and his bright memory storage and knowledge of Iraqi and international art to create a total professional production of paintings. The distinguished style, texture, colors are all clear evidences of that. There is a professional experience and skillful effort in producing all the art elements of the painting, which leads to complete and distinguished paintings.

He is still searching for his dream which is to be a bright part of the Iraqi art history whose paintings are hanged on the walls of the Iraqi and international museums.