35×35 c.m. (2)
35×35 c.m. (4)
40×40 c.m.
55×55 c.m (1)
55×55 c.m.
60×60 c.m (1)
72×72 c.m.
80×75 c.m.

Nadine Bourgne

Nadine Bourgne is a French artist from Auvergne, born in Issoire in 1967.

She started out teaching business management, however she always held a secret passion for painting. In 2008 she decided to give up teaching and dedicate herself entirely to her art, taking painting lessons for two years in a workshop in Niort.

Bourgne creates abstract works using a variety of materials, ranging from paper to canvas. Her weapon of choice changes frequently too and you can spot acrylics, ink and pencil techniques in her works. Playing constantly with shapes and colours, she clashes order with disorder. Likewise, the colours are rich and contrasting, shimmering across her artwork.