Hiba Al-Akkad 40×15 c.m.
HQD 04 (100-120)-On-Theusd-Tree-2009- 2000jd
HQD 09 (160-120) Stepmum Sahar 2007 3000jd
HQD 22—25 140×100-c.m. –2800jd – الربيع

Hiba Al-Akkad

Hiba Al-Aqqad was born in Syria in 1981.
She graduated in the Fine Arts College, Department of painting.

2012: Solo Exhibition under the title of “Aram” in Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery, Jordan.
2011: Solo exhibition, Quzah gallery.
2011: exhibition on the occasion of the women’s day, the French Cultural center, Damascus.
2010: exhibition of the Graduates of Art, the French cultural center.
2010: exhibition of the women’s day, Dummar Museum.
2010: exhibition of the young artist’s competition, Dar Al-Asad of culture and art.
2009: exhibition of Gallery Ayyam Auction, Dubai.
2009: exhibition in Karim Gallery, Jordan.
2009: Kamel Gallery on the occasion of the international women’s day, Damascus.
2008: the Annual spring exhibition, Khaled Asa’adBasha.
2008: exhibition on the occasion of the international women’s day in the house of the Canadian ambassador.
2007: the Annual exhibition, Khan Asa’adBasha.
2007: an exhibition under the patronage of Shell Company of petroleum.
2006-2005-2004: the Annual exhibition, Khan Asa’adBasha.
She obtained the fist award of the Young Artists competition under the patronage of Petro Canada Company (the committee of the gallery). And in 2004 she started teaching drawing for the primary level. Now she is a volunteer in the association of Friends of the environment, also she worked in the field of developing the Art experiences for the special needs children’s, and now she is dedicated for her Art.


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