120×60 c.m. 2005 4300 $ M. Media on board
120×120 c.m (1) 2005 8600 $ M. Media on board
120×120 c.m (2) 2005 8600 $ M. Media on board
200×65 c.m (1) 2002 7700 $ M. Media on Jute
200×65 c.m (2) 2005 7700 $ M. Media on Jute
GG-5–92x92c.m.-Ghassan-Ghaeb– 7000 $ M. Media on board 2005

Ghassan Ghaeb

1964 Born in Baghdad
1986 Diploma, Fine Arts Institute, Baghdad
1997 BA in Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad
Solo Exhibitions: 2001 Orfali Gallery, Amman -2005 Alwasham, Dar Alanda Art Gallery, Amman-2010 Banned from paradise. Karim Gallhery / Amman
Selected Group Exhibitions: -1986 The First International Iraqi Art Festival, Baghdad -1991 Contemporrary Iraqi Art Exhibition, Amman -1997 Environment and Surroundings in Iraqi Art Exhibition, Jordanian National Museum, Amman 1999 Three Iraqi Artists Exhibition, Agyal Gallery, Beirut -2000 Iraqi Art Exhibition, Arab World Institute, Paris -2001 Six Iraqi Artsits Exhibition, Dar Al Bareh, Bahrain -2002 Asian Art Biennale, Bangladesh -2003 Before.After.Now Exhibition, Deluxe Gallery, London -2003 Contemporary artists from Iraq, Green-art Gallery dubai-2004 Artists Books Exhibition, Ten Iraqi Artists, Frankfort Exhibition International -Baghdad 2005 Iraqi Art, East West Foundation, Holland -2005 Three Iraqi Artists Exhibition, Athar art Gallery, Baghdad -2005 Seven Iraqi Artists Exhibition, Besan gallery, Qatar – Alrwaq gallery, Bahrain-2010 my home land .Art Sawa Gallery / Dubai-2010 Art in Iraq Today .part II .Meem Gallery / Dubai
Awards: 1987 The 6th Al Wasiti Award -1996 3rd Award, Contemporary Iraqi Art Festival, Baghdad -2000 Creativity Award, Baghdad
Acquisitions: Art Center for Fine Arts, Baghdad -Jordanian National Museum, Amman -Arab Art Museum, Qatar -the British Museum, London