EAL 03 110×110.c.m. 3000jd
EAL 06 140×140 4500jd.
EAL 07 144×99 3500jd
EAL 01 100×100 2500jd
EAL 02 100x100c.m 2500 reem-

Eman Ali Khaled

Born in 1962 Bagdad Irak, lives in Amsterdam, She Studied in the Art Institute of Bagdad 1979-84

The paintings of Iman Ali Kahled consist of several layers , each with a different story . Kahled : ” My paintings are a kind of movies , on stacked snapshots of my life. ” Her colorful work seems at first sight cheerful. However you look better , you see that happening more on the canvases than you would expect at first. Maybe tells the cheerful painting like a sad story .

” When I paint I am always concerned with the ‘now’ , with emotions at that moment in my life . They should look like . If I one day later further work on a canvas and the world looks different again, painter I create a new world with a new story . that way I play over the first layer in my work with time , emotion , color and life . ” Details of previous moments remain in the cloth is visible .

Ultimately, a painting always a theme to go . On the canvases of Iman Ali Kahled – painted with warm purple , orange , red, yellow and blue night – often faces and eyes to see, but also hands painted as wavy sea plants . Human relationships are a recurring theme in the work . Clearly also , the Oriental atmosphere forward. A legacy from Iraq where she lived until 1996 , when she fled to the Netherlands with her family via England .

In Iraq Iman Ali studied at the Art Academy of Baghdad . Then she worked for eight years alongside her work as an artist , as a designer of theatrical costumes for Iraq Fashion House . Kahled : “The difference between my autonomous work of then and now , is that I now have more research and experimentation , the colors and shapes that I use now are more powerful when I was about many topics , such as ” freedom ” , not paint that . . . was too dangerous . in the Netherlands as an artist I feel free and I get a huge power on. I see in my work . “