Dia’a Azzawi 46×31 c.m. 1966
Dia’a Azzawi 1970—100×100 20000 jd
Dia’a Azzawi 46×31 c.m. 1966 (2)

Dia Azzawi

Along with Shaker Hassan Al Saïd, Dia Al-Azawwi is regarded as one of Iraq’s most influential Modern artists, creating works that merge contemporary techniques with references to ancient traditions. A former archaeology student, Al-Azawwi grew up captivated by the artefacts of the Iraq Museum, which continued to hold an influence when he studied at Iraq’s Institute of Fine Art in 1964.

In 1969, Al-Azawwi became a founding member of Iraq’s New Vision Group, its members united not by style, but by a desire to change an art scene they felt had grown rigid. Active during a period of political unrest, their works also reflected a need to articulate a response to changes across the Arab world.


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