40×40 cm 600 jdm.m. on canvas
40×30 cm 600 jd–m.m. on canvas
40×30 cm (7) 600 jd-m.m. on canvas
220×95 cm 3000 jd
240×95 cm 3000 jd
BSH 32 200×190 c.m.—4000jd 10-m.m. on canvas

Baqer Al-Shaikh

Baqer’s highly-textured paintings mostly manifest themselves in the sphere of nudes. A sense of mystique is constant across his pieces. This mystique is heightened by an ubiquitous somberness that transcends past light and dark brushstrokes. Very seldom is a face seen in his work. The figures almost blend into their backgrounds, blurring the lines between the corporal and metaphysical states of darkness.

Baqer Al-Shaikh hails from Baghdad, Iraq. He currently resides in Amman, Jordan. Baqer holds a Diploma in Fine Arts from the Fine Arts Institute of Baghdad. He is a member of several artist associations. He is also the recipient of several awards, including the Al-Wasti Festival of Baghdad Award, and the 2008 Ashtar Festival Award of the Iraqi Artists Association. He also holds nominations from global art sites, and numerous honorary awards. Baqer has exhibited his works through group exhibitions in Lebanon, Iraq & Saudi Arabia, as well as solo exhibitions in Jordan & Lebanon.