BHJ 13 120×100 c.m 8000 jd
BHJ 02 160x130c.m. 11000jd
BHJ 4 100×80 c.m. 6000jd m.m on canvas
BHJ 5 100×80 c.m. 6000 jd
BHJ 6 100×80 c.m. 6000jd.
BHJ 9 120×120 c.m. 9000 jd
BHJ 10 140×120 c.m. 10000 jd (1)

Bahram Hajou

Syrian-born German artist Bahram Hajou studied in the Fine Arts Academy, Dusseldorf and later graduated from the Art Academy Munster in Germany in 1984. Hajou’s theme is the human in his loneliness translated into the language of symbols and in a continuity of motifs: Face, body postures, blank room, inaccessible towers, dilapidated homes and landscape. Against a background characterized by subtle hues punctuated by sudden splashes of colour, the human figure stares out or turns away, the body language expressing a range of emotions, love, fear, solitude, anxiety, understanding, freedom and dependence.

Selected Exhibitions:

2015: Galerie GNG, Paris
2014: Galerie Ludwig Trossaert, Antwerp
2014: Art House, Vienna
2013: White Box Gallery, New York
2013: Galerie GNG Gilles Naudine, Paris
2012: Museum Contemporary Art, Bratislava
2010: Aida Cherfan Fine Art Gallery, Beirut
2009: Karim Gallery, Amman, Jordan
2008: Hewar Art Gallery, Dubai
2008: Kunsthandel Antonia V. Fraunberg, Düsseldorf, Germany
2007: Green Art Gallery, Dubai
2003: Museum Krakau, Poland